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WINFOODS LIMITED was established with the goal to provide world-class culinary seasonings and condiments for food. It is geared towards attaining the dream of being the one-stop supermarket for kitchen culinary item.

Winfoods product are produced and packed under strict hygienic and quality controlled conditions, with highly experienced quality control staff to certify the quality of the product.

Winfoods Cook’s Delyte and Origin Cuisine brand of natural spices is increasingly becoming the choice of cooks. Increasing number of eateries, restaurants, supermarket and health conscious persons are now relying on Cook’s Delyte Natural Spices and Origin Cuisine for flavor and taste in their food.

It has become a major source of seasoning for Africans in Diaspora that are yearning for that natural African aroma, flavor and taste in their food.

 From its humble beginning, Cook’s Delyte brand of natural spice and Origin Cuisine brand has grown to several different taste and flavors. Choices can now be made on different taste and flavor, or choice can be made based on medicinal benefits. Researches are being conducted with a view to adding more varieties of spices and food condiments.

The natural ingredient of Cook’s Delyte Natural Spice and Origin Cuisine have high a level of nutritional and mineral supplement, the body needs for its daily nourishment and energy.

It also has medicinal value for the repair and restoration of body wear and tear due to rigorous and sometimes harsh daily activities, and environment hazards we expose ourselves to.



"To provide good natural taste, aroma and flavor for healthy living - To emerge as the one – stop supermarket for all kitchen condiments..."

"To provide healthy alternative to the chemical – based seasonings that are harmful to the body system..."

" To ultimately be the market - leader in kitchen culinary in the West African region..."

" To create a brand name that would be synonymous with Quality and Excellence..."

- Winfoods Ltd.

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